Crochet Mesh Bralette Tutorial

*Please note that my tutorials are for people who know how to create BASIC stitches (such as single and double crochet) any crochet trimmings will be taught in the video, but I will not explain how to do basic stitches.*

-Caron Simply Soft Yarn
-Weight: 4
-3.75 mm hook

A: 12 chains
B: 14 chains
C: 17 chains
D: 18 chains

Personal Instagram: @candacesuh
Crochet Instagram: @candles.crochet

**Please take a picture of this top and tag me on instagram! I would love to see how it turns out :)**


** This is my first video, so I apologize for my lack of video editing skills. (I promise I’ll try improve!) In addition, I am using my GoPro, so once I figure out how to take off the fish eye lens I will! **

Music: Beat Your Competition//Vibe Tracks

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