Crochet Top Tutorial // Havava Halter

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♢ What size hook did you use? ♢
– Size 5mm

♢ What is the yarn weight? ♢
– 4

♢ How much yarn did you use? ♢
– 1020yd/918m

♢ How long did it take you to make? ♢
– I’m not sure, I made this over a couple of days because I was busy

♢ Can I buy your tops? ♢
– Yes, my store link is at the bottom of this box.
NOTE: I am closing my store July 2016

♢ Do you have a written copy of the pattern? ♢
-No, I make up my design as I go along and then narrate the video afterwords so that you can better understand my thought process

♢How do you wash your tops? ♢
– Wash by hand, hang dry

♢Do you wear anything under? ♢
– Usually I do not. If I feel that something will show, however, I sew in a layer of fabric or padding

♢How many chains/ rows did you make? ♢
-Unless I state it in the video, I did not keep track of how many I made. I make up the pattern as I go and make as many chains and rows I feel will fit my body.

♢ Can you help me with/ I am confused/ I don’t understand…
– You can ask your questions in the comments below for others to answer. I have concluded my offer for online tutoring and will no longer respond to ANY messages regarding crochet questions, charts, patterns, tips, etc. I’m retired(:

* I just wanted to post this because there have been a number of wonderful people tagging me in their crochet posts and messaging/ commenting on how much I have helped them. I just wanted to give back(: Also, I’ve had this tutorial on my computer for a while haha But normally I won’t make crochet top tutorials until my last one reaches 1k likes. Remember, I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY CROCHET QUESTIONS ON ANY OF MY VIDEOS OR SOCIAL MEDIA. I will not allow myself to be a free online personal tutor. It was stressful 😅 Feel free to ask your question in the comments & if you can, answer other people’s questions (much appreciated) but know that I only provide this tutorial and any additional help will come with a charge (so people don’t take advantage of me, get help from me, and then take my design and sell them on their website as their own [ aughh ] )

♢ Why does this video need to reach 1,000 likes before you post a new one? / When will you post another tutorial? ♢
– As much as I enjoy sharing my designs with you and hearing that you have been inspired to learn how to crochet, and that you love your tops, I need to respect my work and limit the number of designs I provide for free. If I hand out all of my designs, they are no longer special, for everyone can make them. I’ve already seen so many people take my designs and sell them themselves without even mentioning me. Waiting until a tutorial reaches 1,000 likes is a way for me to regulate how often I post a tutorial on a new design. For greater explanation, watch this:


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