DISCLAIMER: I’m not a crochet expert, this is just the pattern I came up with and use.

The black yarn I used in this tutorial is hard to see I’ll probably never use dark yarn in tutorials ever again, I’m SO sorry if it’s hard to see what I’m doing!

the yarn is acrylic with a weight of 4, I used half of a 250 yard roll
The size I made fits small to medium.

This is a quick DIY project, it took only around 2 hrs total to complete, this is only a longer video and 2 parts because I filmed almost the whole thing in it’s entirety with a talk through.

Let me know if you prefer voice overs or talk-throughs for future videos.

Thank you so much for watching!
if you complete this project, send me your pictures, I love seeing them


Instagram: @pudding_cup__

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