Crochet Criss-Cross Top Pattern

How to crochet this criss-cross design to wear as a top, bikini, or bra. This pattern requires 2 bikini cups which can be found in a separate tutorial:

Triangle ‘bikini’ cups-

‘Brassiere’ cups-

Please let me know what you think of this tutorial! This was a little tricky to explain & I hope I did it in the simplest way possible. I am self taught so I do whatever I want when I crochet. I think of crochet as a freeform experience. Anything is possible!

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-Rainbow Warrior

Like I mention the trickiest part of crocheting this top will be creating the straps to your measurements. The criss-cross back allows you to adjust & tighten your straps which is important as crochet does tend to stretch out especially when wet.

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