Spore – Trico [The Last Guardian]

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This certainly was an adorable character to make, but I had a hard time finding some different perspective shots for him. After checking out the trailer it felt like this was meant to be a fairly scruffy, ancient type of creature, so I tried to give him some extra fluff and a mattered appearance. It might not be the closest representation but I do hope it fits the character!



Many thanks to the Modding Community at DavoOnline.com

– Force Save (required to save modded creations!)
Sporum: http://bit.ly/1LULxip

– Dark Injections (infinite and bigger parts, infinite DNA, more parts)
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/1pCovV6 | Mirror: http://bit.ly/1QSG4qS (v9 with Freedom)
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/1U7sBBc (v9.r Progress)
Mirror: http://bit.ly/1TTTd96 (old v8)

– CamBen’s Color Pack (colourful parts)
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/1RdamUf | Mirror: http://bit.ly/1LhD0Yq

– The custom-made background was made specially by rob55rod, using Emd4600’s new SporeModder software
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/1REROgl

– Spore Resurrection: Next Steps (extra parts and enhancements)
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/1REROgl

– Rob55rod’s The Smoother (adjustable limbs, good for muscles)
DavoOnline: http://bit.ly/227eH6O



Credits & Artwork were made by me!
Introduction Music – The Land Of The Wizard by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Song by teknoaxe
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgf00GvfFQVsYBA7V7RwUw
Website – https://www.reverbnation.com/teknoaxe
Track – “Stepping Along The Sky” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjTaMqGnvSs

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