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VERY DETAILED Straight Crochet Braids Tutorial ft. Italian Perm Yaki Hair

Instagram: @seunokimi
Hair used:
I used 6 packs

Want to learn how I grew my hair long?
This video explains the one thing I changed that I wish I knew about earlier –

I recently tried human hair crochet! You can check out the video here-

Youtube Tutorial: How to do natural looking crochet braids using straight hair and the knotless invisible part on yourself with no leave out. Step by step, slow, detailed, and great for beginners. This great protective style allows you to have multiple parts including a middle part, side part, or deep side part. It’s all up to you! Because you can have multiple parts, there are many different hairstyles you can do with this straight crochet hair. You can also cut this hair into different styles such as a bob or something with bangs, or leave it long. It is easy, simple, and great for teens, kids, or adults. For this tutorial, I did not have any leave out. The straight hair comes with a pre loop, making it easier to crochet onto the braids. This is not human hair, its synthetic or kanekalon. The brand I use in this video can be found in the link bellow.

About me:
18 year old lover of hair(:

AUTHENTIC Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Pre Looped Italian Perm Yaki

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